Cure for the summertime blues
EL PARAISO | 08 July
Hola hombres & chicas! We hope you're all digging the summer so far! Plenty of new releases in the works for the fall, but in between then and now, we though we'd offer you one more piece of clothing, that is so rad you'd have a hard time getting through the summer without this gnarly rag! It's
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Astral TV & Videodrones
EL PARAISO | 15 June
Hey everyone, We've got two new releases, that are seriously tapping into the source of synchronicity! In fact so much, that we thought we'd be crazy to let you guys get one without the other - so we set up a slasher combo deal where you get a 2 LP set for just 33 Euro! Check out info, sounds
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Causa Sui t-shirt & live
Hola everybody!   We're starting to get a lot of summer vibes here in Scandinavia, so we thought we'd celebrate in style by reprinting one of the most beloved Causa Sui t-shirt designs in recent years. Check out the design by Martin Rude here:     Printed on a thin soft
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Latest releases

Mythic Sunship T-shirt
15,00 €
Videodrones + Astral TV LP combo
33,00 €
Astral TV: Chrystal Shores
20,00 €
Videodrones: Nattens Hævn
20,00 €
Causa Sui t-shirt
15,00 €
Black Cube Marriage: Astral Cube
18,00 €
Mythic Sunship: Land Between Rivers
18,00 €
Causa Sui: Live in Copenhagen
50,00 €


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