Causa Sui now shipping + new track
EL PARAISO | 06 November
Hola everyone!   First of all, thanks for the tons of support for the new Causa Sui album - every pre-order, play, like and share gets our buzz going!    And because it would be no fun to just sit on the albums, we've started shipping them early! This is the gnarly package
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Causa Sui: Vibraciones Doradas
EL PARAISO | 20 October
Finally, brothers and sisters! We're taking preorders for the new Causa Sui album! Limited to 1000 copies on mint-green vinyl. You'll get a download card for FLAC or MP3, and exclusively thru our shop we'll throw in a A4 artprint as well as sticker. Get it here! In case you're wondering
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Euporie Tide reprint / Videodrones delayed
EL PARAISO | 31 July
Hola everyone! We hope you all sucked up plenty of vibes during the summer. To commemorate this gnarly season, we're reprinting our alter egos Causa Sui's revered album Euporie Tide on a sweet orange 2LP set.   Prices for the original blue edition has soared for a while, and the blacks
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Vibraciones Doradas T-shirt
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Causa Sui: Vibraciones Doradas
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El Paraiso Trucker Cap
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Causa Sui: Euporie Tide
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Astral TV: Chrystal Shores
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Videodrones: Nattens Hævn
20,00 €
Videodrones + Astral TV LP combo
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